Hero experience in - Canny Valley
Ice Storm Mini-Boss Smoke Screens Healing Deathburst Metal Corrosion
41250 180 102
Evacuate the Shelter
Thunder Route 99 - Canny Valley (4 Players)
 Husk power level is Power Level 80
One time rewards
Hero experience
x 41250
Frost up
x 180
Lunar Tickets
x 102
Repeatable rewards
Survivor experience
36562.5 x 4
Ice Storm Ice Storm
Converts all elemental enemies to Water
  • Water damage will target your shield first then energy
  • Use Nature Weapons
  • When you face a Water husk it's recommended to build metalMetal, do not build wood due to the low amount of hitpoints that wooden structures provide.
An Epic Mini-Boss may appear in this area.
Smoke Screens
Smoke Screens
Enemies have a chance to create a smoke screen when they die, granting enemy damage resistance to ranged attacks.
Healing Deathburst
Healing Deathburst
When enemies die, they heal nearby enemies for a percentage of their maximum health.
Metal Corrosion
Metal Corrosion
Basic husk melee attacks cause metal buildings to corrode, periodically damaging them for a time.