Legendary perk up in - Canny Valley
Melee Life Leech Metal Corrosion Uncharted Enemies Nature Storm Slowing Pools
60 180
Thunder Route 99 - Canny Valley
One time rewards
Legendary perk up
x 60
Amp up
x 180
Repeatable rewards
Schematic experience
Malachite Ore
Melee Life Leech
Melee Life Leech
Heroes heal by a percentage of the melee damage they deal.
Metal Corrosion
Metal Corrosion
Basic husk melee attacks cause metal buildings to corrode, periodically damaging them for a time.
Uncharted Enemies
Uncharted Enemies
Enemies don't show up on the minimap.
Nature Storm Nature Storm
Converts all elemental enemies to Nature
  • Nature damage will target your energy first then shield and at the end your health
  • Use Fire weapons
  • When you face a Nature husk its recommended to build metalStone, do not build wood due to the low amount of hitpoints that wooden structures provide.
Slowing Pools
Slowing Pools
Enemies have a chance to leave a slowing pool on the ground when they die.